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Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Academy

Cornerstone Christian Academy strives to challenge our students to grow spiritually, academically, physically, and socially while keeping Christ at the center of who we are and what we do.  We strive to challenge our students to ROAR.

Why Cornerstone Christian Academy?

Developing Confident, Dynamic Leaders

The Cornerstone Christian Academy curriculum builds from the premise that students have a natural curiosity and inherent desire to understand the world around them. Students build their understanding of core subjects at each grade level and accumulate knowledge, culminating in well-rounded middle school students who are well prepared to excel at any high school and on to college. Cornerstone Christian Academy is blessed to provide an exceptional education to our students through a combination of:

Small Class Sizes

By purposefully keeping our classes small, CCA has created an environment where teachers can give each child the proper attention needed to facilitate learning and provide assistance or challenge when needed. This focused approach to teaching results in a deeper and more complete understanding of core subjects.

Dynamic Academics

As an independent school, CCA is able to take advantage of curriculum enhancements and best teaching practices as they become available. In doing so, our students and teachers are able to take full advantage of learning resources and curate a curriculum that facilitates and builds academic achievement beyond that of our peers.

Dedicated, Experienced Teachers

At the heart of CCA is an exceptional community of teachers and administrative staff with a common passion for Christian private school education. Each member of our teaching team brings a level of expertise and depth of experience that adds to our community and empowers innovative learning in the classroom. Their choice to bring these skills to CCA is often tethered by faith and a desire to serve through education. Our teachers embrace their position as role models to our students and work to provide a safe environment underpinned by mutual respect. Their passion and personal commitment are evident throughout our program.

Spiritual Training

CCA Students receive religious instruction daily at our school. Worship time consists of songs, scriptures, and prayers. All aspects of teaching include the Christian perspective, providing guidance for personal responsibility and friendship. Teachers model Christian principles as they lead children to know God as their Father and Jesus as their Savior.


Cornerstone Christian Academy is proud to be a reflection of the diverse and multicultural community thriving in Fort Bend County. Our students and staff come from a wide range of ethnic, socio-economic, and geographical backgrounds but are each celebrated for their unique gifts, perspectives, and creation. As participants in a culture that actively celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and moral character, students learn to successfully navigate and contribute as leaders in our increasingly global society.