COVID-19 Updates

Monitoring Coronavirus COVID-19

The safety of Cornerstone Christian Academy students and staff is our top priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and will share updates with our families as necessary. During this time, CCA will be focusing on three priorities: minimizing the spread of the illness, developing learning opportunities for our students, and continued prayer for our CCA community and those that have been directly impacted by the virus. This page is set up for timely updates for this evolving situation. Please scroll down for notices and emails. 

Notices and Emails

  • May 26 - COVID Operational Plan

    CCA has established a COVID School Operating Team that is working diligently to develop strategies to prepare for students return to the CCA campus in August while prioritizing the health and safety of our community. Click the link for the Cornerstone Christian Academy tiered phase COVID Operating Plan (CSOP) that will be referred to throughout the 2020-2021 school year. If you have any questions, please email, Head of School, Eric Nicholie. Click HERE for the COVID Operation Plan. 

  • April 24 - BK-5th VLE Update

    Dear Parents,

    I want to first say how thankful we are to you for your continuous support during this time. We know it has been quite the adjustment for all involved. Seeing and hearing the students has been the best part of it all. It is hard to imagine how much time has gone by since we started virtual learning. Next week will bring an end to April and a beginning to our last month of this school year. You will also see that we have revised the workload to assist our students and support our families. There will be an emphasis on the core subjects of reading, math, and science in our BK/K-5th grades. Bible and Social Studies are now optional. Please know that lessons for these content areas will still be available for our students to participate in if they choose. Our wonderful outclass teachers continue to design fun lessons that create joy and bring out so much creativity.

    In that same vein, I would like to share with you how grades on our 4th reporting period will be done. Due to many factors associated with virtual learning, it is important that learning be equitable for all. Please see below for the changes this quarter:

    1.  This fourth quarter in grades 1st-5th students will not have weighted grades. All assignments will be entered as daily grades. Here is what the distribution will look like per quarter:

    1st quarter           30%        weighted grades

    2nd quarter          30%        weighted grades

    3rd quarter          30%        weighted grades

    4th quarter          10%        no weighted grades

    2. In Grades BK-K and Pre-1st, the report card will have a P, for participation, in the corresponding skill set lines. Given these are our youngest learners with a report card, we want to recognize all their effort.

    3. In Grades 1st through 5th there will be a P, for participation, entered for outclasses, social studies, and Bible curriculum. Mr. Waters does an amazing job pouring into the hearts of all our students during chapel every week. The other content areas will have numerical grades. No grades below 70 will be entered in the grade book.

    A big applause to all our outclass and classroom teachers. They have worked daily to reach out, grow, and connect. Please continue to contact them for any concerns. We are all here for you.

    Virtual Learning will end on Wednesday, May 13th. What does that mean? All grading and assignments will be completed. We will now shift from formal learning to making memories. Expect fun activities for the remainder of the month.

    We understand that there are many variables in each home that affect what learning looks like. Our constant prayer is for our students and their families to feel supported and valued. Thank you for all you have done during this period. It has not gone unnoticed. Please contact me if I can assist you in any way.

    In His Name,

    Gracie Stelly

  • April 24 - Middle School VLE Update

    Hi, Parents of Middle School Students.

    I hope this letter finds you well and that you all are staying safe with all the social distancing rules. I would have never thought that we would be closing out the school year in this way. We miss your children. We were so blessed to have them with us this year, and we cannot wait to see them again. We are looking forward to being able to be together again soon.  

    The Virtual Learning Environment has gone extremely well. I was able to drop in on a few classes, mainly Bible, and see a few of them in action. The virtual learning process was new to us, and I am proud of our teachers and their efforts to teach students during this time of social distancing. The students have done well keeping up with their assignments and their classwork, and I feel students have enjoyed the interaction and social times with teachers and other students. With that being said, formal instruction (virtual face to face) will end on May 13. If your student has past assignments that need to be turned in, they will be accepted until May 21. Teachers will continue to be available to meet with your child, should your child have questions about any assignment. 

    Again, as Mr. Nicholie stated, there will be no final exams to close out this semester. Because of this, grade weights for the year will be weighted differently and as follows:

    • Term 1- 25%
    • Term 2- 25%
    • Mid Term Exam- 10%
    • Term 3- 25%
    • Term 4- 15%

    Again, thank you for entrusting your child to us for this year and this semester. We have all learned a lot about virtual learning with students. I know that I much prefer being with them face to face and interacting with them daily. We look forward to 8th-grade graduation in July and beginning again next year. Please stay safe and stay well. Take care of yourself.

    In His Love,

    Ann Tucker

  • April 22 HOS COVID-19 Update

    Dear Cornerstone Families,

    I know that these are challenging times for everyone, and I pray that you and your family are safe and healthy. Last Friday, Governor Abbott issued an Executive Order that all schools are to remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year to protect the health of students, staff, and families. Therefore, Cornerstone Christian Academy will comply with the Executive Order and extend its campus closure through the remainder of the 2019 – 2020 school year.  

    CCA will move forward continuing our exemplary Virtual Learning Environment Plan. I continue to be impressed with our staff, students, and support personnel, who are providing a rigorous Virtual Learning Environment through our curriculum and assessment that equips our students with the knowledge and critical skills needed to finish the current school year strong. Please know that your CCA family is here for you. We are all in this together, and we do not want to create more stress for your family. If your child should need additional support, please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher. We remain fully committed to providing every opportunity for CCA students to successfully complete the remainder of the school year even though we are not physically on campus. This includes every classroom teacher incorporating live interactive sessions weekly with students to continue their special connection. 

    I know that this extended campus closure raises many questions, so I would like to take this opportunity to address the three most important ones now. 


    CCA will continue to move forward with grades under the changes that were sent out last week and are posted on our VLE website page.  In addition, Middle School students will not take semester exams. Elementary and Middle School elective classes including PE are optional. However, Middle School Spanish is still required for course credit. We encourage all of our students to continue to participate in electives as they are a vital part of our curriculum. Keeping a healthy balance between core academics and outclasses is essential for student growth. We will continue to offer grace and flexibility to our students and families as we go through this process together. You will receive further information from your grade level principal regarding specific policies, procedures, end-of-year assessments, and grades.

    School Events and Activities 

    Because of the state-mandated campus closure, all CCA on-campus events have been canceled through the end of the school year. CCA administration recognizes the importance of certain events and is actively planning for those to occur virtually. We also understand the special tradition of 8th-grade graduation for our students and families. We want to honor this celebratory tradition with a live graduation ceremony in July.  We miss all our families. Pending the recommendations of being together in large groups, we are planning an all-school family summer connection event as well as some small summer camps. We will release more detailed information for these events soon. 

    Tuition and Programs  

    We have had a few questions regarding tuition, and I want to recognize and address those at this time. Cornerstone Christian Academy is a caring family environment and is also a non-profit organization. CCA is predominantly a fixed-cost service organization which includes payroll and benefits. Our payroll and benefits currently make up about 70% of our budget not including any other operational expenses such as rent and instructional support. We remain faithful to our mission of continuing to give your children a first-class education.  For us to continue to provide this education and spiritual support to your children, it is vital that our families honor their enrollment contracts during this time. 

    At the same time, we also recognize that the pandemic has put a financial and emotional strain on many of our families. I am currently working with the Board Finance Committee and Business Office on a new process to apply for Tuition Assistance for families who are facing a temporary hardship due to a loss of income for the upcoming school year. If you are experiencing a negative financial impact on your household income directly related to the pandemic that will affect your ability to pay tuition, please contact Kristi Armstrong by May 1 in the Business Office.

    We are also looking at certain fees and programs that were cut short and where we can provide possible refunds and credits to families. The Business Office will be sending out information to individual families regarding these areas in May. 

    I want you to know how much I appreciate your continued support and kind words that you have sent me regarding the support our staff is giving to your children during this challenging time. I am looking forward to the day where our children and staff can regather and rejoice soon.  

    With Sincere Appreciation,

    Eric Nicholie 

    Head of School

  • April 15 - VLE Grading Update

    Dear Cornerstone Families,

    I want to share how proud I am of our teachers, children, and families for heartily embracing our Virtual Learning Environment. I have been amazed at the frequency of live interface with our students as well as the teaching of new content during our physical campus closure. We want to make sure that we are validating the efforts that all our staff, children, and families are putting forth during this time. It is also very important to me that we all understand the situation we are in with changing schedules, working from home, as well as the additional challenges we face because of COVID-19. Because of this, I am changing some of our grading policies while our virtual instruction is occurring. The guidelines below are retroactive to the first day of online instruction that began on March 23, 2020.  


    • BK-K-Pre1st will use the same grading scale CCA currently uses, however, only the letter grades of “S” (Satisfactory) and “E” (Excellent) will be reported in the grade book.
    • 1st – 8th grade will use the same grading scale CCA currently uses, however, no grade lower than a 70 will be reported in the grade book.
    • Grade weighting for middle school will not be utilized except for project-based work. Project-based work will be counted twice in the grade book.
    • Late work grade penalties will not be assigned. 
    • If a student misses a live interface teaching session, they will not be penalized academically. However, it is a top priority that students participate in class so if a student does not attend, the teacher will reach out and check on the child. If a student continues to miss class, a principal will contact a parent/guardian to make sure the family is doing okay and if any additional resources are needed to support the family.
    • In addition to the grading guidelines, Middle School may occasionally have tests or quizzes on Fridays with prior notice from the teacher.


    Staff relationships are very meaningful to students, and it brings me great joy to hear the stories emerging about how our staff is going above and beyond regarding the care of our children during these challenging times. CCA is committed to supporting you through prayer and additional resources for your children if needed. Please let us know how we can support you.  

    We must continue to strike the fine balance of making sure we do everything we can at CCA to provide your children with world-class education as well as being accommodating and graceful in our approach to this process during this unpredicted situation. I believe these changes honor the tremendous work that our teachers and students are doing, as well as giving the loving approach that is Cornerstone Christian Academy. 

    Thank you again for continuing to partner with us in providing our children with Skills for Life and Faith for Eternity.

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

  • March 31- Campus Closure Update

    Dear CCA Families,

    Based upon recent guidelines and recommendations from local, state, and national health officials as well as the Governor of Texas and the President of the United States, CCA will continue our Virtual Learning Environment until at least May 4, 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I will be releasing a Virtual Learning video update tomorrow as well as this week’s chapel messages.  

    CCA will continue to consult with all local public health officials and monitor the situation as we move toward reuniting with you at our physical location at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Thank you again for your kind emails, texts, and prayers. I love seeing how much your children are engaged in our Virtual Learning Environment at CCA.  Remember to live by faith not fear, be a place of calm in the storm, practice appropriate social distancing, and together we can keep our community safe and healthy.  

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

  • March 24 - Middle School Plan Explanation

    Dear CCA Students and Parents,

    I thought I would send out the CCA middle school virtual learning plan again to those of you who didn't see it or didn't get it.  Let me explain about the middle school plan so that you as a parent can understand what your child will be doing.  First of all, they are following their regular school schedule, that is the classes that they normally go to each day.  When the schedule says first academic class, that means the first class that is after their AM elective.  For example, if they go to Math first, that would be the first academic class.  The academic classes are defined as: Math, Bible, STEM, Science, Social Studies, and ELA.  The outclasses or AM/PM elective classes are defined as: Choir, Band, Theater Arts, Art, Spanish, Study Hall, Robotics and Yearbook.  They are meeting with their academic classes on Monday and Wednesday of each week, with the exception of Math.  Ms. Fenstemaker does not want the students to fall behind, so she is meeting with them daily.   Mr. Waters wants to meet with the entire grade level at one time, so Bible classes are meeting in the afternoon.  So, in the schedule of classes, if your child has Bible 2nd period, they will have 2nd period free in the morning (they could work on Math or another subject).  I know it is a bit confusing.  This is the best way for your child to continue their education here at CCA.

    The schedule has students meeting for 30 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays with each academic teacher, with a 10-minute break in between each scheduled class. Please note, just because it is scheduled that way doesn't mean they will be meeting face to face (via Google Hangouts) with all their teachers every Monday and every Wednesday.  It could happen that way, or it could be a time where teachers are available for questions for the students should they have questions on their assignments.  Teachers are making connections with your child this week so that we can find out who needs help getting online.  This time provided may have students working on assignments given or reading their assignments, etc.  It doesn't mean they will be meeting all the time.  

    Please know that we are working to do our best to continue the learning process for your child.  I hope and pray that each of you stays healthy and safe during this time.  We miss seeing the children.  They are a great group of students and we enjoy working with them. Take care of yourselves and your families.  

    In His Name,

    Ann Tucker

  • March 22 Update Tech Info

    Dear CCA Families,

    Many of you know Sharon Ng as our Controller or the person who oversees food service, but she also is responsible for the oversight of technology for CCA. We are so blessed with how Sharon has helped us make this transition to virtual learning so quickly. 

    The administration team, teachers, and faculty have spent this past week planning and implementing a Virtual Learning Environment for all of our CCA families. The technology upgrades that we’ve been able to put in place over the past few years such as one-to-one devices, cloud servers for all CCA data, and Google integration, has allowed us to quickly and efficiently develop a plan to keep your children learning and engaged while away from the CCA campus.  

    Here is some helpful information as you assist your child(ren) with our Virtual Learning Environment:  

    Google App and Google Classroom usage per grade level:

    • Pre-K: We are using Google Drive and Google Hangouts through parent devices. Having a gmail address will help make this process easier for parents.
    • Bridge-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade: We are using the Google Classroom app and the Google Hangouts app which are preinstalled on the school-issued iPads. The iPads also have the apps that they normally use in class, including Lexia Core 5.
    • 4th – 8th Grade: We are using the internet version of Google Classroom and Google Meet on the school-issued MacBook Airs.  

    Google Access:

    • Pre-K: Each parent will need a gmail (or Google associated) account in order to participate in the Google Hangout live chats with the teachers. Please provide one to your Pre-K teacher to participate.
    • Bridge-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade: Google access is; for example; password is CCA1234firstinitiallastinitial for example CCA1234js.
    • ** Each family will be required to put a passcode on the iPad in order to access Google. Go to Settings – Passcode – Add Passcode. Please use 123456.  
    • 4th – 8th Grade: Google access is for example and their password is the same one they use to log into their computer. It is “CCA” followed by the last 4 digits of their school ID followed by “xx” representing the first and last initial. 

    Google Hangouts:

    • For all families accessing Google Hangouts, please be sure to “Accept” the invitation from your child’s teacher. This includes Pre-K and elementary school.  
    • Your student will NOT be able to participate in the hangout if they do not accept the call. We highly encourage you to do that tomorrow.  

    Our IT team is here to support CCA families for the duration of our time away from the CCA campus. Nancy Mayo ( will be available Monday-Friday from 8 am – 11 am. Sharon Ng ( will be available Monday – Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm. 

    It is important to remember that while your child is using the school devices at CCA, our firewall is active and protects your child from many internet threats and material. Those protections are on the CCA Wi-Fi, NOT on your child’s device, so please be mindful while allowing your child to access the internet on your home Wi-Fi. Additionally, please remember that the technology Code of Conduct for all CCA issued devices applies while the devices are not on the CCA premises.  

    Pre-K-5th grade teachers will be emailing you by tomorrow afternoon to welcome you to our Virtual Learning Environment. Middle School students need check-in on their Google Class page tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, please click HERE to access the CCA Virtual Learning Plan. It is located on our school website under the Academics tab. There is also an option to download a pdf version to print. 

    Again, please reach out to Sharon Ng if you have any questions or concerns about the Virtual Learning technology as we embark on this new learning opportunity as a community.

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

  • Virtual Learning Environment Information

    Dear Cornerstone Families,


    One of the great things about private school education is that we can make major instructional changes quickly by providing our stakeholders with the instructional support needed in unprecedented situations. Administration and teachers have been hard at work creating a CCA Virtual Learning Environment for all of our PK- 8th grade students. Starting on Monday, March 23, we will begin the Virtual Learning Environment. Please take the time to read all information carefully. Here is what you need to know:

    Extensive information regarding the guidelines of the Virtual Learning Environment program will be located on the Virtual Learning page under the Academics tab on the CCA website beginning Sunday, March 22.

    • The primary instructional portals for this virtual environment will be Google Classroom and ParentsWeb.   
    • On Monday, BK – 8th grade teachers will be emailing you with your student’s Gmail and Google Classroom log in information. 
    • Google Classroom will be where assignments are located, classroom lessons observed, homework submitted, and many additional instructional services provided. Lesson Plans will be located in ParentsWeb.
    • PK teachers will be emailing PK parents on Monday with online instructional support for your children as well. Teachers will send you a list of different online instructional resources to utilize.
    • We are excited to also provide virtual chapel messages for PK – 8th grades. Mr. Waters will deliver the BK-8th grade messages and Mrs. Jessup will deliver the PK messages. Students will have the opportunity to sing the praise and worship songs that they hear every day at CCA.  

    We know that for the Virtual Learning Environment to be successful, students need their classroom materials and their assigned CCA technology devices. We will be loaning our BK – 8th grade families your child’s assigned one-to-one Apple device at no charge along with some limited hard instructional content for all of our PK - 8th grade students. We will personally distribute these instructional materials to you in the CCA circle drive-thru on Monday, March 23, during the designated times below. Please arrive during your window to ensure an efficient and timely process. This has been a momentous task for our staff with all of the current restrictions, and we have been following the social distancing protocols. We love our families, and we will be excited to see you on Monday, but we ask that you remain in your vehicle, as this is a drive-thru only operation for everyone’s protection. We also ask that you have your last name posted in your car windshield to make our delivery process simple and quick for everyone.   

    The delivery window is by alpha (last name).

    • 8:00-9:00 am (A-E)
    • 9:00-10:00 am (F-K) 
    • 10:00-11:00 am (L-O)
    • 11:00 am-12:00 pm (P-Z)

    On Monday afternoon, please take the time to log in and familiarize yourself with Google Classroom as well as some of the other additional instructional programs the teachers are providing. If you have any trouble logging in, please email Nancy Mayo or Sharon Ng with our Technology Help Desk. Please be patient in return communication as we only have two technology administrators helping all our CCA families. We would like all students to be set and ready to go on Tuesday morning, when our teachers will begin the process of connecting with you and your children through Google Meet/Google Hangouts. We do recommend that parents download the Google Hangouts and Google Classroom apps on your phone and/or student phone. While we encourage the use of your borrowed CCA technology, it is always good to have a backup program available for quick access.  

    During this unique time in history, we need to be mindful that we are all in this together. We understand that most of our families are currently working from home and have children with them. Our staff is in the same situation, so please be patient during this process. We will learn, daily, what is working best for students and our families. If we find something isn’t working, we will adapt and adjust. 

    Moving forward, you will be hearing and seeing me in a video conference format as well as forums where people can join in virtually and connect through Zoom. We will continue to fulfill our mission giving our students Skills for Life and Faith for Eternity, and we appreciate your commitment to this mission for your children as well. “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie 

    Head of School

  • VLE Pick Up Date Change

    Dear CCA Families,

    As you know, this is an unprecedented and fast-moving situation. In order to assure delivery of technology devices and hard-instructional materials that your child will need for our Virtual Learning Environment, I have decided to move up the delivery date to tomorrow, March 21, 2020. I am so thankful for the teachers and administrative staff that have worked so hard to make this possible. Please see new schedule below:

    The delivery window, March 21, 2020 is by alpha (last name).

    • ·    9:00 am-10:00 am (A-E)
    • ·    10:00 am-11:00 am (F-K) 
    • ·    11:00 am-12:00 pm (L-O)
    • ·    12:00 pm-1:00 pm (P-Z)

    We love our families and will be very happy to see you, but we ask that you remain in your vehicle, as this is a drive-thru only operation for everyone’s protection. We also ask that you have your last name posted in your car windshield to make our delivery process simple and quick for everyone.   

    Sincerely with the grace of God,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

  • March 13 School Closure Notice

    Dear Cornerstone Families,

    With the rising number of concerns over COVID-19 in both Texas and the Houston metropolitan area, Cornerstone Christian Academy has canceled school and all related activities through March 20, 2020. Our staff will continue to develop plans for distance learning in the event of an extended closure. As I stated in an earlier email, I feel that CCA is able to successfully provide our children with virtual instruction. If needed, we will provide our students with access to our instructional devices. 

    The 8th grade Washington DC trip has been canceled for next week as well. We have been able to secure travel vouchers with EF Explore America Tours for all students that were to attend the trip. More information will be sent out next week by Mrs. Kubena to those families.  

    I understand that this situation has an impact on our families and the decision to close the school temporarily was made with consultation with local public health agencies in an effort to help protect our community, our families and our staff at large. This situation is changing minute by minute, and I also know how important it is to give our families time to adjust their schedules and childcare plans.

    During this time, CCA will be focusing on three priorities: minimizing the spread of the illness, developing learning opportunities for our students, and continued prayer for our CCA community and those that have been directly impacted by the virus. 

    Cornerstone will continue to consult with all local public health officials and monitor the situation daily. You can expect timely communication from CCA regarding updates related to our campus schedule and ongoing plans to remain safe.  

    My wife and I were discussing the situation facing our country today and we are reminded that our God is sovereign. This is not a surprise to Him. We are thankful that we live in a country where our leadership will make hard decisions for the safety of its citizens. Let each of us commit to do our part and seek peace from the Lord.  

    I will be in touch with everyone soon.

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

    Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  

  • March 18 Closure Extension

    Dear Cornerstone Families,

    With the rising number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our area as well as the recent recommendations of Local Health Officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cornerstone Christian Academy is extending our closure through April 10, 2020. President Trump also announced that the community should not gather in groups of more than ten people. This is an unprecedented situation that continues to evolve daily. I am currently involved in daily briefings with local health and state officials regarding best practices for this situation.  

    We have added two additional informational pages to the CCA website. The COVID-19 Update page link is located directly at the top of the website as well as under the About tab. This page will have all current updates regarding CCA and COVID-19. The Virtual Learning Guideline page link will be available on Friday under the Academics tab. This page will be a beginning point of reference for you to get up-to-date information on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) plan.

    CCA will officially begin our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) on Monday, March 23rd. We are diligently working to provide an online solution to educate your children during this temporary physical school closure. I will be sending more detailed information tomorrow on our VLE to the CCA community. Our staff is currently planning and training all week to help to provide your children with an exceptional online learning experience. CCA will continue to focus on our main three priorities: minimizing the spread of the illness, developing learning opportunities for our students, and continued prayer for our CCA community and world. 

    We will continue to consult with all local public health officials and monitor the situation daily as we move toward reuniting with you and your children in our building. Cornerstone Christian Academy has always been known for providing a “feels like family” environment. Now more than ever, we must remember that we are all in this together. Thank you for your kind emails, texts, and prayers. Remember to remain safe and calm, practice appropriate social distancing, and together we can actively work on keeping our community safe and healthy.   

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

  • March 12 Update

    Dear CCA Families,


    Cornerstone Christian Academy is committed to the health and safety of our students and staff. While CCA is currently closed for spring break, I know many of you have growing concerns about developments related to COVID-19. We continue to be in regular communication with our local health officials, and we remain diligent in following their guidance as we move forward. I am writing to update you on our continuing efforts to monitor these developments, and the precautions we are taking to ensure the well-being of our students and staff.

    We know many families may be traveling for spring break, so we wanted to remind you that if you are returning from countries identified in the CDC’s travel warnings that you should follow the CDC’s recommendations and self-quarantine at home for a period of 14 days, returning only when symptom-free after the 14 days. Absences for these students will be marked excused. I also ask that you notify me at, if you have traveled or plan to travel to a Level 2 or 3 country or on cruise travel. I encourage our CCA community to go to the CDC’s website for factual, up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 because additional Travel Health Notices may be posted for other countries at any time. 

    • The following is guidance from the U.S Department of State and the CDC to consider when traveling: 
    • If traveling internationally, you are encouraged to register your travel with the State Department
    • You can see the CDC traveler’s health notices at, and monitor for up-to-date guidance and recommendations relating to travel to specific countries.
    • See information for travelers visiting countries where there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 at
    • See advisory information related to cruise ship travel here:

    As a reminder, the CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to help in the spread of respiratory viruses. Cornerstone will continue to do the following:

    • Monitor all student and staff symptoms including a fever (100-degree Fahrenheit or higher), cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, body aches, headaches and generalized fatigue. Students and staff who have fever will be sent home and asked to remain at home until they are fever free for at least 24 without fever reducing medication.
    • Teach students and staff to effectively hand wash with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. All classrooms have been given hand sanitizers.
    • Ask students to cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or their upper sleeve if a tissue is unavailable.
    • Remind students to properly dispose of tissues and paper towels in a trash receptacle.

    Also, as a precautionary measure, CCA is undergoing a deep cleaning and sanitization before the children and staff return from spring break as well as special emphasis being placed on disinfection of door handles, desks, and other frequently touched areas.

    The CCA leadership team and principals are preparing in case we must call for an extended time away from school. If this were to happen, our goal at CCA is for learning to continue even if we are not physically in our classrooms. With the blessing of one to one technology in BK – 8th grades, FACTS SIS (formerly known as RenWeb), digital textbooks, apps, and Google Classroom, we believe we can continue to educate our students temporarily while they are away from campus if needed. I will take recommendations on school closures from the CDC and local health officials.  

    I know that rumors are currently running rampant and want our families to rely on facts and trusted information sources as you make decisions moving forward. Here is some vital information to help your family related to local health questions:

    • If you have specific questions about your own health situation, you are encouraged to contact your family’s primary care physician.
    • You can also visit the Fort Bend County Health and Human Services webpage at, which includes local hotline information for Fort Bend and Harris counties.

    Again, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We will continue to partner with the CDC and the Fort Bend County Health Department for additional information and guidance and will share updates with our families as necessary. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful spring break with family and friends.  I will be sending another update on Sunday afternoon regarding our upcoming campus schedule.

    God Bless,

    Eric Nicholie

    Head of School

  • March 5 Update

    Dear CCA Families,

    Cornerstone Christian Academy is aware of the presumptive positive case of COVID-19 of an elderly individual in Fort Bend County. Also, please be aware that currently, those that have been impacted the most are adults, not children.

    After spring break, CCA has decided to temporarily move the self-service food lines into the cafeteria as a best practice. Please be patient with our FLIK staff as they take on this additional service. I am grateful for their dedication to our children. The safety of our staff and students is always my top priority, and we will continue to monitor and take the guidance of the CDC and local health officials. We will share additional updates as information becomes available.


    Eric Nicholie 

    Head of School