Faculty & Staff Directory

As part of our mission to equip students with skills for life and faith for eternity, an excellent staff is at the core of our school. Our staff is committed to the highest professional standards and shaping the lives of our students in our four areas of focus – academic, social, spiritual and physical. Our staff and administration are active Christians, well-educated and well-versed in their area of expertise.


  • Libby Pratt, Ducks- 2’s
  • Amy Bezner, Ducks- 2’s
  • Evelin Fitch, Eagles- 2’s
  • Buncy Nemec, Eagles- 2’s
  • Tammy Caffrey, Hummingbirds- 3’s
  • Shannon Sullivan, Hummingbirds- 3’s
  • Rhonda Jessup, Fawns- 4’s
  • Nadia Soliman, Fawns- 4’s
  • Peggy Drake, Bears- 4’s
  • Nahed Eskaros, Bears- 4’s
  • Ernest Soto, Music, Outclass
  • Missy Edgmon, Librarian, Outclass
  • Bridget Roth - PreK Support Specialist, Outclass


  • Kandy Bozeman, Bridge-Kindergarten
  • Jenny Doherty, Bridge-Kindergarten
  • Bonnie Elrod, Kindergarten
  • Wanda Aurini, Kindergarten
  • Joelyn Zamarron, Kindergarten
  • Sherilan Harden, Kindergarten
  • Kathy Ashmore, First Grade
  • Suzanne Neal, First Grade
  • Mallory Mitchen, Second Grade
  • Jennifer Teal, Second Grade
  • Rhonda Boepple, Third Grade
  • Rebecca MacKinnon, Third Grade
  • Steve Heiser, Fourth Grade
  • Karen Foster, Fourth Grade
  • Amy Lewis, Fifth Grade
  • Cynthia Brackin, Fifth Grade
  • Elaine Yao, Art, Outclass
  • Dinora Ochoa, Spanish, Outclass
  • Ernest Soto, Music, Band, Outclass
  • Tiffany Nuño, 2nd – 8th Grades P.E., Outclass

Middle School

  • Laura Kubena, STEM Specialist, Outclass
  • Emily Fenstemaker, Mathematics, Outclass
  • Nancy Cowart, History, Outclass
  • Brenda Jackson, English, Outclass
  • Corey Waters, Campus Minister, Bible, Outclass
  • Dinora Ochoa, Spanish, Outclass
  • Ernest Soto, Band, Choir, Outclass
  • Tiffany Nuño, Athletic Director, Outclass


  • Eric Nicholie, Head of School
  • Paige Pope, Principal, Middle School
  • Gracie Stelly, Principal, Preschool and Elementary
  • Nancy Burnett, Director of Admissions
  • Jennifer Nall, Advancement and PR Associate
  • Sharon Ng, Controller
  • Kristi Armstrong, Business Office Administrator
  • Terri Cagle, Extended Day Coordinator
  • Alianna Davis, RN, School Nurse
  • Karen Jones, Executive Assistant and Human Resource Manager
  • Shauntain Deniakis, Administrative Assistant
  • Rod Turner, Operations Director
  • Corey Waters, Campus Minister
  • Mary Fink - Receptionist

Extended Day Program

  • Chiquera Holmes, Outclass
  • Zully Arbeleaz, Outclass
  • Harold Eye, Outclass
  • Gilma Manzano, Outclass
  • Carolyn Eye, Outclass
  • Christa Chisholm, Outclass