Nicholie News

Cornerstone Christian Academy has announced the appointment of Eric Nicholie, Principal of George Jr. High, as the new Head of School effective July 1, 2017. The Head of School search, led by SolomanSwann International, generated a great deal of interest from a host of highly qualified candidates from across the country.  Mr. Nicholie emerged as the Transition Committee’s recommendation and received a unanimous endorsement from the Board of Trustees. Board President, Darrell Roth stated, “I am confident Mr. Nicholie will take Cornerstone Christian Academy to an even higher level and fulfill the school’s purpose of building Skills for Life and Faith for Eternity.” Nicholie will succeed Casey Farris, whose family will be relocating to Nashville, TN this summer.

Mr. Nicholie has 21 years of experience in education, 16 of which as an administrator. He has had the rare experience of opening a campus as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. Under his leadership, his campuses have received numerous academic awards such as exemplary status as well as earning Academic Distinctions and Gold Performance Recognitions.

Eric has been named the Lamar CISD Elementary Principal of the Year as well as been selected to the Texas Principals’ Institute. Eric is a member of TASSP, TEPSA, NAESP, TASA, and ASCD.

He earned his Bachelor's degree from Hope College in Michigan and a Master's degree from University of Houston-Victoria