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Solid academics are key to any successful private school. What sets Cornerstone Christian Academy apart is our solid academics combined with the Biblical principles upon which our mission is founded.

Our Objective

Provide a developmentally appropriate educational experience in a Christian setting that will support future academic growth.  Enrich your child’s life with a wide variety of activities in a safe and nurturing environment.

Beginning in pre-k, students are challenged to think critically, to analyze the world around them and to continue developing their relationship with Christ. As they continue through elementary and middle school our students continue to be seekers of truth and workers for social justice.

Spiritual Training

CCA Students receive religious instruction daily at our school.

Worship time consists of songs, scriptures and prayers. All aspects of teaching include the Christian perspective, providing guidance for personal responsibility and friendship. Teachers model Christian principles as they lead children to know God as their Father and Jesus as their Savior.

Why Cornerstone?