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Elementary School is a time when Cornerstone Christian Academy students thrive. Secure in an environment that provides consistency between each grade and division, students explore new academic challenges and delve deeper into their understanding of faith and the lessons of the Bible.

Small class sizes ensure that teachers are actively aware and invested in each child’s progress—able to provide caring guidance that supports individual learning. By limiting the number of students in each classroom, teachers are able to monitor academic progress and adjust in areas where students may need more help or to be challenged further.

Students are encouraged to be innovative, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and above all do so with character and respect for themselves and others.

Lower Elementary

In kindergarten through first grade, our teaching teams provide an encouraging and caring environment in which students build a strong foundation of academic knowledge. Weekly Bible lessons also introduce character lessons that set a pace and expectation for the classroom. Classroom activities encourage active reading and comprehension, strengthen math skills, and expose students to new content and ability. Whether it’s writing about an important person in history, recreating an invention, reciting a favorite Bible verse, crafting a poem, or melting crayons to learn about the phases of matter—our early Lower School years are filled with the wonder of learning.

Upper Elementary

As CCA students enter the third and fourth grade, they are challenged to become increasingly independent and dig deeper into their academic and spiritual knowledge. Students begin to rotate classes by subject giving them increased responsibility and exposure to different teaching styles and expertise. Teachers in these grades are empowered to be subject matter experts, focusing on one to two key subjects; guiding students in the further development of abstract and critical thinking skills within subject areas. Their passion for these areas of knowledge, and their ability to focus on facilitating a deeper exploration of a subject, are a powerful combination that leads to dynamic, purpose-filled learning—ensuring that every student in the grade benefits from time spent in their classroom.

Elementary Fundamental Curriculum

Just as the introduction of core concepts is an important foundation for our Preschool, mastery of academic fundamentals is essential to our Elementary School program and preparing each student for their academic career. Students continue to build their foundation of learning, adding new academic complexities and collaborative work skills each year. Deliberate instruction, inter-subject problem solving, and dedication to early adoption of best practices and enhanced curriculum propel our Elementary School forward in achievement—often outpacing our peers and local schools.

In Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing, CCA students on average rank a percentile band higher than the local and national average.


Elementary Virtual Tour

Curriculum Overviews

CCA students flourish as they are introduced to a broad expanse of knowledge and discovery. Our academically enriched programs draw from some of the best curriculums available and are aided by powerful interactive learning and technology resources.