Middle School


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Middle School is an exciting and transformative time when students will take increasing ownership of their education and discover how their interests can impact their future. Building on the academic and spiritual foundations laid in our Primary and Lower Schools, students are challenged to think critically and to analyze the world around them through the many opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and service provided at Cornerstone Christian Academy.
In addition to the support our students receive in our small classes and a close-knit community, CCA teachers work diligently to inspire each student to achieve their full potential, providing rigorous challenge and experience that will prepare them for high school and college.
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                                                                           Middle School Curriculum

                                                                           Middle School Electives

                                                                           Middle School Faith 

                                                                           Middle School Service

                                                                           Middle School Athletics                                                                       

“I know everything I’ve gathered, learned, and experienced will remain with me all my life. I thank God for the blessed years I had at CCA and for the opportunity to know such incredible people and do so many wonderful things.”

– Leah Marut, Graduate



At a time when our students are searching for their social role, Cornerstone Christian Academy provides a foundation for our students to rely on. Our small classes once again lend themselves to a culture where children are truly seen for both their apparent strengths, as well as those that may be laying just under the surface. Our teachers love discovering those hidden strengths and drawing them out of our students. A close-knit group, our teachers and students create an environment where students feel at home to be themselves—and where someone notices when they aren’t.

They emerge from the obstacle course covered in mud, exhausted, yet smiling ear-to-ear arms stretched out in victory. Each year our middle school students, teachers, and leadership kick-off the year by attending camp together. Over obstacle courses and through mud crawls social barriers slip away, and conversations on nature trails and across campfires lead to connection and belonging that usually takes months to build. This special Cornerstone tradition starts each school year with an important and early bond that sets a unique stage for learning in CCA’s middle school.

Through their shared experience outside the classroom, students and teachers develop a relationship underpinned by earned mutual respect. A respect that sets the tone for CCA’s culture, communication, and expectation in Middle School.

“This is a trip I will always remember.”   - Pierce Payton, Grade 6