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Game-Changing Athletics

At CCA, athletics is one of the many important components of the Cougar experience. By offering several programs each semester, our student-athletes are able to explore their interests, apply their talents, and strengthen their skills prior to high school. Character lessons learned on the field, strengthen student resolve and leadership—instilling values of teamwork, self-discipline, determination, and humility. Students find support and motivation in a dedicated team of coaches who uphold Christian principles, lead by example, and value character-of-play in equal measure to athletic fortitude.

Tiffany Nuno, Athletic Director


Designed to teach the fundamentals of playing flag football while having fun in team sports.


Players are taught basic skills and techniques for underhand passing, setting, and hitting. 


Designed to teach students basic basketball skills and allow the students to experience the benefits of team sports. 


Designed to teach the fundamentals of tennis as indivials and as a team. CCA partners with Sugar Creek CC for practice courts. 

Junior Cougars Soccer & Track

Junior Cougars is focused around building fundamental skills, working as a team, and introducing competitive play. 

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The fundamentals of running track and field events are taught. Practice takes place on our own Mandel Athletic Complex.