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Cornerstone Christian Academy believes strongly in the Christian tradition of serving in our communities and the importance of our students to learning to walk humbly in the world in service of others—being active in and giving back to their community.

Service Learning Trips

What started as a trip in response to Hurricane Katrina has evolved into an annual commitment of service that has reached and impacted the lives of many. Each trip provides a deeply meaningful experience for our students—one that many later reflect upon as defining moments in both their journey of faith and career at CCA.

Students attend yearly trips, which evolve in both lengths of time and responsibility to meet their growing need for independence—while providing a safe environment under the familiar supervision of their teachers and staff.

As teachers and students once again work side-by-side and share these meaningful experiences outside the classroom, it strengthens their bond and provides an opportunity to discuss and understand the impact of their service and faith on the community around them.  

Each year CCA Families donate hundreds of toys and supplies as well as nearly 400 hours of service to our community.