Primary and Lower School


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Primary and Lower School is a time when Cornerstone Christian Academy students thrive. Secure in an environment that provides consistency between each grade and division, students explore new academic challenges and delve deeper into their understanding of faith and the lessons of the Bible.

In our Bridge-Kindergarten through fourth grades, we see students flourish as they are introduced to a broad expanse of knowledge and discovery. Our academically enriched programs draw from some of the best curriculums available and are aided by powerful interactive learning and technology resources.

Small class sizes ensure that teachers are actively aware and invested in each child’s progress—able to provide caring guidance that supports individual learning.

By limiting the number of students in each classroom, teachers are able to monitor academic progress and adjust in areas where students may need more help or to be challenged further.

Students are encouraged to be innovative, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and above all do so with character and respect for themselves and others.

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Primary School 

At CCA, we believe that a love of learning and a heart for God forms at the earliest age. Our Primary School program for Kindergarten is designed to capitalize on these formative years, and the natural curiosity and enthusiasm our youngest learners bring to exploring their environment.

Lower School

As students enter Lower School in First Grade through Fourth Grade, they are secure in an environment that provides consistency between each grade and division. Students flourish as they are exposed to new concepts and challenged to expand their understanding. Daily Chapel and Bible lessons also deepen their understanding of God’s word and its role in their faith.

Primary and Lower School Fundamental Curriculum

Mastering the Fundamentals

Just as the introduction of core concepts is an important foundation for our Primary School, mastery of academic fundamentals is essential to our Lower School program and preparing each student for their academic career.

Students continue to build their foundation of learning, adding new academic complexities and collaborative work skills each year.

Deliberate instruction, inter-subject problem solving, and dedication to early adoption of best practices and enhanced curriculum propel our Lower School forward in achievement—often outpacing our peers and local schools.

  • English - Language Arts

    English-Language Arts

    Cultivating polished writers, insightful readers, and independent thinkers are at the heart of CCA’s English Language Arts program. Emphasis is placed on raising fluent readers and dynamic storytellers through an early emphasis on comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. The introduction of Abydos Learning in third grade further develops students into authors; utilizing process-based writing and self-editing that produces exceptional works and a critical foundation for future success.

  • Social Studies

    Social Studies

    Learning about the world comes alive through the dynamic lessons, reading, and research that make up CCA’s Social Studies program. Students actively learn about diverse cultures, historical events, and societal leaders—culminating in annual research-based and interactive presentations; and producing thoughtful, culturally literate citizens.

  • Math


    Learning math at CCA is as much about effort as ability. Our Lower School bridges concrete and abstract learning through Singapore Math’s highly effective approach. Carefully paced instruction, layered strategies, and the use of visual models and manipulatives lead to deeper learning and mastery of math concepts versus memorization. These skills are again solidified as STEM integration actively reinforces learning.

  • Science and STEM

    Science and STEM

    Students are guided through the five E’s of learning: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate; as they discover that science is an experience, not just an experiment. Integrating Rice University’s STEMscopes and Project Lead the Way training, our Lower School students delight in hands-on inquiry-based activities, assessments, and accelerated materials.

    Students benefit from the use of CCA’s dedicated STEM Lab in both Lower and Middle School classes.

In Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing, CCA students on average rank a percentile band higher than the local and national average.