Continuous Enrollment

  • What is Re-Enrollment?

    Re-Enrollment is an annual data collection process that schools use to update enrollment records of the current student body. This information is used as the school makes plans for the following school year. Basically, the simple question is: “Are you coming back to school next year?” For our leadership team at Cornerstone Christian Academy, we need to know how many students we will have on the first day of school.

  • So, what is Continuous Enrollment?

    All of our families are on the CCA Continuous Enrollment Program, the typical re-enrollment season (February 1-28) will simply be a communication reminder from the Admissions Office informing the families that might be thinking about leaving our school to notify us prior to the end of February. Current families that are planning on continuing the next school year need to do nothing. 

  • What is the penalty if I break this contract?

    CCA families that are re-enrolled, but break the contract by disenrolling after February 28th, will be contractually obligated to pay a tuition penalty dependent on the date of disenrollment. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

  • What will the Continuous Enrollment Contract look like?

    I hereby opt into continuous enrollment. This means that my CCA students will keep coming back to CCA every year unless I tell the school otherwise.

    I understand that I have until the end of February every year to notify the Cornerstone Christian Academy Admissions Office of any changes in my plans of enrollment for my child/ren.

    If I breach this contract by disenrolling my child/ren after February 28th, I understand that I will be contractually obligated to pay a penalty. If I disenroll my child/ren, I understand that the re-enrollment fee is non-refundable.

    Unique Circumstances: Cornerstone Christian Academy recognizes that family plans change. For any unique circumstances (such as the following), families disenrolling after the announced deadline will be exempt from the  tuition penalty:

    Moving/Relocation 50+ miles away from Cornerstone Christian Academy.

    Educational needs for the student that can no longer be met at Cornerstone Christian Academy as determined by the Head of School.

  • I’m planning on keeping my kids at CCA until high school. But what about unique circumstances?

    We’ve built flexibility into this contract. So, for major life changes/unique circumstances like moving 50+ miles away from our school, or if CCA can no longer meet your child’s educational needs, if we ask your family to leave, or if there is some unforeseen circumstance that our Head of School approves, there will be no financial penalty.

  • How do I opt out?

    The Continuous Enrollment opt out period, with no penalty, reoccurs every year in February. If you choose to opt-out of continuous enrollment, you must notify Natalie Lange, Admissions Director, in writing by February 28.