The Benefits of a Private Christian Education

As the Head of School at a private Christian Academy with a background in public education, I am often asked, “What makes a private Christian education so special or unique?” While working here at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Sugar Land, Texas, I witness every day the different advantages our students have over their public-school peers. Below I will hit on four main reasons a private Christian education is the way to go.



Superior Teachers and Small Class Size


A private Christian school tends to attract dedicated teachers who are motivated to teach students to learn and excel. These teachers are both qualified and passionate about their subjects and many hold advanced degrees in their fields. Class sizes tend to be smaller therefore students benefit from receiving more one-on-one instruction. Many people wonder if class size truly matters if you have a highly-qualified teacher. Think about this question…. Who do you think would receive better instruction? A class of 10-15 students with a highly qualified teacher or that same teacher in a class with 30 students. I think it is simple to say the smaller class would lead to less distractions and better class discussion where all students participate and share. Smaller classes also lend to more peer critiquing and editing. With smaller classes comes a tight-knit community where teachers and students have close relationships and teachers are students’ role models. In this environment, it is safe to say teachers are able to further challenge students and are more readily available if a child needs extra help.



Safe/Nurturing Environment


The ability to have smaller classes and low student/teacher ratio, private Christian schools have a reputation for maintaining high standards for discipline and respect. There is also a strong sense of community which discourages uncontrolled bullying and dangerous behavior. This environment allows children in private schools a motivating, supportive, and nurturing experience with less distraction. A private Christian education offers students a strong moral base where they can learn, grow, and thrive.


Prayer Time/Chapel/Spiritual Habits


Students who have the opportunity to have praise and worship in a chapel setting with their peers’ daily help create and foster a positive community. By attending chapel and being allowed spiritual time throughout the school day, students are given a foundation where they can start to forge their morals and values. A Christian education helps children develop good spiritual habits which allows them to reflect on their actions daily. Studies have shown that children attending Christian schools have fewer behavioral problems. This would translate into safer schools and healthier children. By giving children a spiritual foundation, we are leading them down a path of academic and relational success.



Academic Achievement


Christian schools offer a higher level of instruction. Public schools add additional curriculum standards each year to an already packed instructional schedule which makes it very difficult for public school teachers to cover content with depth and meaning. Private Christian school teachers can offer a higher level of education allowing them to hit objectives with depth and complexity. This allows private Christian educators the creativity to teach while assuring that concepts are covered sufficiently. Standardized test, (ACT and SAT) have confirmed that the scores of Christian school students are consistently higher than the state and national averages of their peers in public school.


My belief is that a private Christian education is essential to strengthening our youth as they prepare to go into the world as the next generation of Christian leaders. As parents we demonstrate a critical role in a child’s moral and educational development. Investing in your child with access to superior teachers, small class sizes, a safe and nurturing Christian environment, and strong academics are sure to set your child up for future successes.