Middle School Academics

In keeping with our mission to equip students with Skills for Life and Faith for Eternity, CCA provides an academically challenging curriculum that focuses on developing the whole child. Our students participate in an academically rigorous and varied curriculum designed to facilitate higher-level learning. 

  • History


    Cornerstone Christian Academy students explore history through interwoven lessons in geography, history, government, and culture. Fifth-grade students will be introduced to our nation’s history and leaders from colonization through the 20th century. Sixth-grade students will be immersed in history and social studies as they learn about governments, economies, and cultures around the world. In seventh grade, students focus on Texas state history—giving way to U.S. history in eighth grade. U.S. History studies will take students on the journey from colonization to expansion, through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

  • Science and STEM

    Science and STEM

    The Five E’s of learning: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate underpin the Cornerstone Christian Academy science and STEM program. In addition to foundational science skills, CCA Middle School STEM courses engage students in activities that excite and build knowledge and skills in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. Courses also empower students to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and perseverance.  Each year, CCA students will be immersed in one of the following topics:

    • Medical Detectives (Forensic Science)

    • App Creation (Computer Science & Data)

    • Design and Modeling (Engineering)

    Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Middle School STEM classes have been granted high school credit status. Students receive .5 high school elective credits for each year of STEM they complete through our partnership with Project Lead the Way.

    Over the course of their Middle School career at CCA, students have the potential to earn 1.5 high school elective credits.

  • English-Language Arts

    English - Language Arts

    Cultivating polished writers, insightful readers, and independent thinkers are at the heart of CCA’s English Language Arts program. Emphasis is placed on raising fluent readers and dynamic storytellers through an early emphasis on comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. The Abydos Learning Program develops students into authors; utilizing process-based writing, self- and peer-editing that produces exceptional works and a critical foundation for future success.

  • Math


    Our Middle School math curriculum provides a strong foundation in rich problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, and mathematical knowledge. Each course is designed to build cumulative understanding while challenging students to their individual ability. Sixth grade courses begin with a focus on areas including advanced multiplication and division, percentages/ratios, prime factorization, area, volume, graphs, and probability. Students quickly progress into geometry in seventh grade, followed by pre-algebra and algebra. Grade and ability are evaluated annually for class placement and to determine the best track to provide proper academic challenge and rigor. Cornerstone Christian Academy’s eighth grade algebra course has been granted high school credit status and allows students with an opportunity to earn one high school credit in their eighth grade year.
  • Bible


    Bible is a core subject in Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Middle School. Focused on building moral fortitude, this class aims to help students filter what is truth in a world filled with increasing noise and distraction. Lessons each year focus on how to reflect Christ and incorporate faith into daily life and decisions. Classes incorporate bible knowledge, book study, discussion and project-based learning that pull from different strengths and areas of personal interest. Students share openly about challenges and are equipped with tools to further their faith and relationships.

Middle School Curriculum Overviews

                                       Fifth Grade     

                                       Sixth Grade

                                       Seventh Grade

                                       Eighth Grade