Middle School Electives

Middle School Electives give our students access and ability to explore their interests outside the classroom and provide an outlet for personal expression vital to this age group.

  • Robotics


    What starts out as circuits and wires, pieces of plastic and metal, turns into creative invention as students explore the world of robotics. Using a hands-on approach, students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts behind robotics, engineering, programming, and operation.  Students will also learn and practice interactive design involving prototyping, theory testing, and analysis. The objectives of this course are to introduce students to engineering and programming with a focus on building problem-solving strategies.

  • Journalism


    Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Journalism class introduces students to the world of photography, graphic layout, and reporting as students work to compile and layout the school’s yearbook. Students will work collaboratively to tell the story of the year in this interactive class.

  • Spanish


    Students electing Spanish will attend this class five days a week, building conversational fluency, as well as earning high school eligible foreign language credits. (Students are eligible to earn up to two high school credits, one per year.)

  • Study Hall

    Study Hall

    This elective provides students with the opportunity for added study time in a supervised setting with access to teachers.

  • Theater Arts

    Theater Arts

    Students can pursue their interest in the performing arts through this dynamic elective. Classes focus on helping students build confidence and skill in using their body and voice toward creative communication. Over the course of the year students learn:

    • Solo, Duet, and Group Acting                                                                    
    • Improvisation and Pantomime                                                                     
    • Verbal/Nonverbal Communication                                                                                                                     
    • How to Get Over Stage Fright 
    • Voice and Diction
    • Choreography
    • Theater Games
    • The Rehearsal Process

    In addition, students participate in several special event productions as well as one major musical production each year.

  • Choir


    Middle School Ensemble Choir is made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who explore a wide range of musical genres and styles—ranging from folk to secular; jazz and pop to multicultural. Over the course of the year,  students learn to sight-read songs, appropriate stage presence, performance and audience etiquette, and correct microphone technique.  Our musicians gain a first-hand appreciation for theatrical works through their performances in the school’s spring musical as well as concerts, school performances, and community events.

  • Concert Band

    Concert Band

    Concert Band is intended for middle school students who have achieved a high level of proficiency with their instrument. Building on previous exposure, this course will include a further focus on music theory, music history, music technology, and other methods of musical practice. Students learn to sight-read in unison and perform music literature of appropriate difficulty, representing various styles.

    This class is a performance-based class and students must participate fully in all class periods as well as performances outside of the school day such as pep rallies, concerts, school programs, and community events.

  • Art


    Students can choose to deepen their skills in the visual arts by electing to continue their art studies. Students will learn about the elements of art (line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space) and how each element plays a part in the foundation of all artwork. This course will also explore different time periods and the active artists of those eras, discussing and illustrating artwork based on these signature styles.