Taking advantage of the profound impact on critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning, the arts have when incorporated into the educational mix, Cornerstone Christian Academy’s fine arts and enhanced outclasses are an integral part of the learning process. Being careful to balance academic and outclass time, CCA offers Art, Music, and Drama programs. All of our elementary students participate in art and music throughout the school year. A variety of elective semester classes are also a part of our middle school schedules.

Fine Arts

  • Music

    Preschool Music

    Cornerstone believes that exposing children to music at an early age is an important part of development. That’s why we regularly incorporate the John Feierabend Curriculum, along with a variety of additional children’s songs and musical games, into their weekly routine. Our preschoolers sing, dance, play instruments, as well as learn how to match pitch and internalize the beat, developing an overall appreciation of music.

    Elementary Music

    Students are introduced to musical content and concepts at a natural, developmentally appropriate pace. A journey that takes them from rhythm and music introduction to playing an instrument, and eventually to playing as an ensemble. Music is a fun exercise for our students and celebrated in annual performances. 


    Middle School Ensemble Choir is made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who explore a wide range of musical genres and styles—ranging from folk to secular; jazz and pop to multicultural. Over the course of the year,  students learn to sight-read songs, appropriate stage presence, performance and audience etiquette, and correct microphone technique.  Our musicians gain a first-hand appreciation for theatrical works through their performances in the school’s spring musical as well as concerts, school performances, and community events.

    Fifth Grade Beginner Band

    Fifth graders enjoy band three days out of the week, further learning how to read music and practicing proper posture and breathing techniques. Instruments offered, include alto saxophone, baritone, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, oboe, percussion, tenor saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and tuba.

    Concert Band

    Concert Band is intended for middle school students who have achieved a high level of proficiency with their instrument. Building on previous exposure, this course will include a further focus on music theory, music history, music technology, and other methods of musical practice. Students learn to sight-read in unison and perform music literature of appropriate difficulty, representing various styles.

    This class is a performance-based class and students must participate fully in all class periods as well as performances outside of the school day such as pep rallies, concerts, school programs, and community events.

  • Visual Arts

    CCA students find themselves immersed in the worlds and styles of influential painters and sculptors as they explore the visual arts each week. Throughout the year, students build their understanding of color, balance, pattern, and space through a variety of projects designed to explore creative expression and develop skill. With each grade, students delve deeper into their understanding of art and design concepts resulting in a cumulative skill and appreciation for the visual arts.

    In Middle School, students can choose to deepen their skills in the visual arts by electing to continue their art studies. Students will learn about the elements of art (line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space) and how each element plays a part in the foundation of all artwork. This course will also explore different time periods and the active artists of those eras, discussing and illustrating artwork based on these signature styles.

  • Theater and Performing Arts

    Beginning in Pre-K4, CCA students benefit from a weekly, dedicated Theater Arts program that helps them to appraise new situations, think outside the box, and express their thoughts and ideas in a safe and familiar environment. By
    developing these skills early and participating in regular school and class performances, students build confidence and comfort in performing.

    As students enter our upper elementary grades and into Middle School, they begin to explore new aspects of the theater and performing arts as a means of self-expression. Students in these grades benefit by participating in full-scale
    drama and musical productions.

    As a Middle School elective, students can pursue their interest in the performing arts through this dynamic elective. Classes focus on helping students build confidence and skill in using their body and voice toward creative communication. Over the course of the year students learn:

    • Solo, Duet, and Group Acting                                                                    
    • Improvisation and Pantomime                                                                     
    • Verbal/Nonverbal Communication                                                                                                                     
    • How to Get Over Stage Fright 
    • Voice and Diction
    • Choreography
    • Theater Games
    • The Rehearsal Process

    In addition, students participate in several special event productions as well as one major musical production each year.