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Virtual Learning Plan

William O. Mandel STEM Lab

STEM education has received national attention since substantial numbers of students are entering the workforce with underdeveloped 21st century skills.  It has become imperative that more emphasis is needed in education not only on mathematics, scientific and technological innovations, but an expansion of STEM knowledge beyond what was once considered acceptable.  Cornerstone Christian Academy’s strategy is to implement innovative project based STEM curriculum units from Project Lead the Way and Pitsco in grades K – 8th . Curriculum and instruction will be grounded in the belief that all students can achieve excellence in learning using real world applications and that high-quality instructional planning is critical to accommodate all students. Our goal is to establish and maintain high quality and effective STEM project-based learning centered on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for students in K – 8th grade with a focus on utilizing our new state-of-the art STEM science lab and a STEM coordinator.